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There's a photograph of myself, taken not long after my birth in the control room of Rockfield Studios, where my father was recording in 1983. So I guess that could account for why I feel so at home in recording studios. Music has been an obsessive and essential part of my life. After inventing my own method of multi track recording at the age of 10, (using my guitar, a couple of tapes and a cheap ghetto blaster strategically placed in front of a hi-fi speaker) before being informed that there were actually machines that could do this a lot more efficiently, I was hooked. Writing music and layering instruments, to create the illusion of multiple musicians was nothing short of a miracle, especially living in relatively isolated rural Herefordshire. I got my first Tascam 4 track tape machine and from there I began to teach myself how to play drums, after discovering the frustrating limits of my Yamaha keyboard drum machine. This process repeated and as technology improved I found I could create any sound I needed. There were many years of playing in bands and learning as much as I could my working with other musicians and producers. In my early teens I began to jam along with my Dad (still, by far the greatest songwriter I know) who was in a band with my uncle; Mr Greg Ridley, bass legend of Humble Pie & Spooky Tooth. In my early twenties I became one third of Dandelion Killers, a loud and quirky indie rock band. We wrote lots of songs, did lots of gigs and drummer Paul Phillips even set up his own studio, where we stubbornly learned how to record 'the old fashioned way', through an analogue desk, using outboard gear, onto a hard disk recorder (we couldn't afford tape) and with as little use of computers as possible. Needless to say learned a lot from that experience. After Dandelion Killers I played in various other bands for a few years and even tried some solo stuff. These included: Stuntdog, God Save The King, (somehow featured on Cbeebies and BBC Sports Personality of the Year) and some guest guitar playing with Dubious Brothers. I am currently fronting Vonhorn, another noisy three piece band, featuring Mr Dominic Luckman former Cardiacs drummer and ex Dandelion Killer bassist Mr St. John Milinczuk. All this ran in tandem to setting up as a freelance producer and composer a few years ago. I began with odd jobs on line, writing jingles or background music for corporate films, along with audio editing and ghost producing for artists and record labeld. Out of the blue I was asked to write the lyrics and vocal melody for an EDM track by Frontliner called 'Planning My Escape' featuring Canadian vocalist Nikkita. Shortly after that I began working on more electronic dance music and remixes for Super Fitness Music. After meeting new people I began to work more and more on music for film and video - an area I had wanted to be involved with for a long time. Starting of with short films and adverts, things gradually snowballed and moved into scoring full length feature productions. The most recent of which, Australian documentary Half A Million Steps premiered in June 2019. Around a similar time I teamed up with my cousin Joel Daffurn, to form Daffurn Sounds, a production company primarilly based around voice over recording. Things quickly took off and we have created audio for companies such as Shell, Red Bull and Honda, as well as producing numerous audiobooks, video game and other content.

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