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Adam is a versatile composer and sound designer with an ability to blend his musical talents across a diverse range of genres. His impressive body of work includes everything from edgy, abstract soundtracks for hard-hitting documentaries to beautifully orchestrated arrangements for light-hearted TV shows. As a skilled multi-instrumentalist, Adam has contributed original music to an array of projects, from captivating TV adverts and educational videos, to delightful children's entertainment. His passion for music extends beyond his professional endeavours, as he explores various personal musical projects spanning multiple genres.

June 2023 marked the completion of Adam's musical composition for Channel 4's upcoming daytime TV series, "Narrow Escapes," set to grace our screens in the near future. This upbeat and cheerful accompaniment captures the essence of those who call the UK's canal network their home. Collaborating once again with Bowled Over Media and the talented team at Ponder Create, this show promises to be utterly charming, addictive, and thoroughly entertaining.

In October 2022, Netflix featured "Ten Dollar Death Trip," a gripping documentary directed by Dominic Streeter and produced by Hide & Seek Media, delving into the fentanyl crisis in Canada and the US. Adam's compelling and raw soundtrack perfectly complements the dark journey through the unforgiving streets of Downtown East Side, shedding light on the heart-wrenching struggles faced by its residents.

Earlier in 2022, Adam took on the music production for Channel 4's hour-long documentary, "Good Grief," produced by Heidi Gomes and directed by Chris Hailes of Bowled Over Media. Reverend Richard Coles, whose husband David passed away in 2019, leads the exploration of grief and how to embrace it positively. The documentary showcases various therapeutic approaches, from unusual laughter yoga and a Grief Cruise in Miami to high-energy boxing and exhilarating surfing.

Adam also scored the beautifully shot Australian feature, "Half a Million Steps," an uplifting film that played a significant role in securing $305 million in government funding and influencing drug policy changes in the country. The following year, "Ten Dollar Death Trip" paved the way for Adam to create music for a short animation commissioned by the Global Commission on Drug Policy in 2021. Additionally, he composed the music for the captivating documentary trailer, "Feel the Burn," currently in production. This film follows a UK firefighter's cinematic journey across the Saharan Desert, aiming to break the stigma around men's mental health.

As well as scoring for feature length documentaries he has also written and produced material for numerous TV adverts, collaborating with reputable companies like Boux Avenue, Ashton & Parson's, and Cryotag. Moreover, his contributions to the Marine Conservation Society's campaigns, such as the Great British Beach Clean and Micro Fibre initiatives, have made a positive impact in raising awareness about environmental issues.

Adam's heart has always resided in song writing, for both himself and others. His knack for instantly catchy melodies has won him many accolades, whether it's the cult followings for various bands or for bespoke tracks. One example is the composition of "Irregular Verbs," a light-hearted earworm designed to aid English language learners. This song, commissioned by Lingwiser, has gained significant popularity on YouTube, amassing over 5.1 million views.

Additionally, Adam's creative talents have extended to various record labels, including BMG, APM, Lemon Cake, and The Hit Music Group, writing everything from EDM anthems, (working with the likes Dutch Hardstyle DJ Frontliner and Canadian vocalist Nikkita) or lush synth Pop, to abstract drones and Ennio Morricone inspired Spaghetti Western music.

As previously mentioned, Adam has fronted and played in multiple bands, including indie 3 piece Dandelion Killers, Vonhorn, (featuring legendary Cardiacs drummer Dominic Luckman) God Save The King, (who's songs have been featured on multiple BBC programs) Vendetta Deluxe (with former Judy Speedway members). He's also had the pleasure of playing guitar with Bass legend Greg Ridley (Humble Pie & Spooky Tooth) and the renowned Dubious Brothers for several London shows and is on the Live at Bush Hall DVD.

Adam is a co-founder of the voice-over and production company, "Daffurn Sounds." This esteemed company has collaborated on a multitude of projects, providing audio services for prominent brands such as Red Bull, Maisy MouseHondaShell, and The Anne Frank House

Adam's unwavering dedication to his craft and his ability to evoke emotions through his music continue to make him a standout talent in the world of composition and sound design. Whether it's painting an evocative soundscape for gripping documentaries or creating a quirky melodies for lighthearted TV shows, Adam's exceptional and prolific musical abilities leaves an indelible mark on every project he undertakes.

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