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Adam Daffurn

Adam Daffurn is a composer, songwriter and producer, from Herefordshire. With musical genres never an issue, his work ranges from soundtracks for hard hitting documentaries and short films, TV adverts, along with band production, educational videos and even children's songs, as well as multiple personal musical projects.

Music for children and education

Over the past decade Adam has been commissioned to write and produce a wide range of tunes for younger audiences. Despite usually composing for more 'serious' projects, this is not a hardship in the slightest, as he has long been an unashamed fan of music for kids! All the legendary TV theme tunes, Looney Toons animations, Disney songs, primitive computer game music from his youth has left a profound impression on him and he genuinely loves any excuse to childishly write about dinosaurs, pirates and other silly stuff!

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As well as this, Adam has also written many educational songs, mostly for the English language learning company Lingwiser. Many of these needed to cater to people of all ages and not just kids, but still be fun, upbeat and most importantly catchy. Tracks like Irregular Verbs proved very successful, gaining an ever growing 1.6 million views on their YouTube channel.    

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Adam created an album of classic nursery rhymes, released by The Hit Music Company Ltd record label in 2017, along with songs for the creative nursery Doodle Ducks. Following this he's written a vast array of bespoke and energetic songs for the children's entertainment franchise Jiggy Wriggers, writing lyrics and music for several different age ranges. He's also a long-time collaborator with the wonderful Louby Lou's Storytelling, producing custom made songs and incidental music for their events, live shows and online content.

Have a listen...

Here are a few brief examples of some of Adam's work, however if you are in need of something specific, or have any questions, just send an email and ask -

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